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Gary’s choreography is designed to maximize scores for the ability and potential of a particular skater and category. He is particular about the Musicality Component Score. All steps, turns, and motions are set to correspond to a particular place within the rhythm, melodies, nuances, and highlights of the musical structure.



What is special about Gary Beacom choreography?

Gary respects figure skating culture and movement as a priority, which differs significantly from dance on the floor. The ice is seen as an advantage rather than an impediment. One-foot skating on curves as defined in the standards for the Skating Skills component is emphasized. Gary teaches skating skills as an integral part of the choreography. Why lace up skates and go on ice, if you are not going to utilize the medium to the fullest?
Gary is fully familiar with and up to date on rules for technical specialist Levels of Difficulty requirements and judging standards for both Grades of Execution and Component Scores. Gary keeps the Composition component in mind when setting a piece.

Gary enjoys choreography for any level, age, category, gender, or body type.
Gary set a record of over 107 points in the 2018 ISU Adult Competition in Oberstdorf for his own choreography and performance and recently achieved more than 101 points for a program choreographed as Senior Men’s Short Program (albeit without triples!) for his own performance in 2019 ISU Adult Competition in Oberstdorf.

1,5 min 1200€ 
2,5 min 2000€
3 min 2500€
4 min 3500€
Purple - Blue Gradient
Aljona Savchenko Bruno Massot 2016 Free Program
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